A New Way to Read

If you’re like me you’ve got lots going on in your day and try to squeeze your reading in where you can. Sometimes this means listening to an audiobook for a quick ten minutes while driving to the grocery store. Other times it’s reading a couple of pages at the doctor’s office.

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet there is now another quick way to get some reading in.

Fictional serials are books that have pieces of the story released every week. Like the serial stories in the papers way back when, these are short parts of a story that you can read while standing in line at the grocery store.

There are several different apps to choose from, all with the same kind of idea. You pick a story and read the first chapter. The next week the second chapter or episode is released. Some of the books you choose have several free episodes for readers, but usually they will eventually charge you a small amount for an episode.

However, each app offers a different type of read. Radish focuses more on romance novels. There are many sub-genres with romance, like paranormal romance or fantasy or scifi, but each story has a romantic plot in it. Some of the stories can get pretty erotic, so that’s one thing readers have to be aware of.

Serial Box offers many different genres, including horror, thriller, fantasy, scifi, contemporary, and romance. This app offers the first episode for free and then there is a small fee for each chapter afterward. Or, if you’re hooked, you can just purchase the whole series outright for the same price as a book.

Wattpad is a writing community where many writers post their work. It covers all genres, like Serial Box, but unlike Radish and Serial Box, it offers a choice between stories you pay for and free stories. You are also more likely to come across fanfiction in Wattpad than the other two apps. So, if that’s your thing, then this app is for you.

There is another new trend in reading that has begun, and that’s the chat story. These are stories that are written with text messages. Radish offers some of these stories and there are other apps like Tap by Wattpad, Lure, Yarn and many others. These stories tend to be a quicker read because they are just text messages between characters.

The format may be different, but these stories can be just as moving as the ones we’re used to. I recommend you take the time to check some of them out. You never know what you’re missing!

Happy Reading!

The Beguiled Bibliophile

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