Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I hope that you will enjoy reading it. My goal is to bring books that would normally be overlooked to your attention. There are many new authors who are published every day and it’s difficult for them to get publicity for their books.

I plan to read these books and let you know my thoughts on them. However, this blog isn’t about reviewing the books so much as sharing them. From time to time I will also try to interview the author of the books themselves, because I think discovering their process is just as fun as reading the book.

I guess the best way to get started is to say a little bit about myself. So here I go:

I’m an aspiring writer, and have been since I was very little. I’ve always been entranced by books and often find deep emotional ties to characters and stories. In fact, I’ve had times in my life where books and the characters in them have been my only friends (Shout out to the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan).

I’m now a mother in my early thirties and have decided to take the time to seriously pursue a writing career. Thanks to the current abysmal economy in Alberta I have been given some time off from work. I could be upset and bitter about the situation, but instead I’m choosing to put that time to good use.

I chose the handle Beguiled Bibliophile because I often find myself beguiled by books. They cast a spell over me that I have a hard time shaking. When I step into a bookstore one of the first things I do is take a deep breath. I love the smell of the paper.

That being said, I also love the convenience of e-readers and phone apps. Sometimes it’s really inconvenient to lug a large hard cover book to the doctor’s office on the off chance I might get some time to read. I’d rather have something much more compact.

One of my goals in my lifetime is to complete a world tour of books. I would like to read a book by an author from every country. Obviously I have some of the more well known countries covered, but I still have many more to go. I’ll keep you guys apprised of that as well.

Sometimes, I may even post some of my own flash fiction, drabbles or short stories for your viewing pleasure. And, of course, I would value any feedback that you have to offer.

I’ve just finished reading Eve: The Awakening by Jenna Moreci. Some of you may recognize the name as she has her own vlog on YouTube. If you are a writer you should check it out. Along with tips and advice she has some hilarious insight on the industry.

I really enjoyed Eve, and I look forward to talking with you about it next week!

Happy reading, folks!

The Beguiled Bibliophile


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  1. Deborah House
    May 23, 2016 at 5:12 am

    Walking into the bookstore is an amazing feeling.

    Happy reading

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